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June 1, 2020

Nick Weaver- Cameraman Stan

 *Short story of Nick Weaver, find out more about his accomplishments and journey of pursuing being the greatest photographer of his generation *

Nick weaver was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is currently a photographer and videographer. His main priorities right now are shooting, networking, and focusing on his clientelle.  He mainly photographs sports and fashion.


Nick grew up actively playing sports. He was a well-decorated athlete in high school, running track and playing basketball. Him and his team won second in state multiple years.  As a former athlete he loves sports and finds that his experiences help him connect with the athletes he photographs.

Nick became involved with Runway Dallas from the very beginning. He actually met Marcella Jones (the founder of RWD/Designer) at a pre-show for Runway Dallas in 2016. He volunteered to take photos for the show. Marcella loved his photography, and he has been apart of the RWD family ever since.


Nick stated, “every show has been different, every show we have tried new things and accomplished more.” He enjoyed participating in the first show with Runway Dallas but by the second year he was able to coordinate a team for the show and even filmed a documentary. 

In five years from now Nick will own his own company.  It will be a media and marketing agency that will promote fashion, sports, and music. He wants to provide a website with an online store with options of: photos, videos, graphic design, capture cover art, and social media & marketing strategies. He plans to start his business in Dallas, but plans to branch out to Atlanta.  Ideally, his plan is to expand the marketing and media agency globally.

Being that Nick is only 28 years old, he has an extremely bright future ahead of him.


If you are interested in getting your photo taken, or wanting to learn more about the talented Nick Weaver follow him on Instagram @cameraman_stan

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Sheridan Smith


March 8, 2020

Divya Rao

*Short story of Divya Rao, learn more about how this talented designer got involved with Runway Dallas*


Divya Rao is originally from India where she lived there for 25 years before moving to United States. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband. She has been a fashion designer for 8 years. She incorporates her culture and creativity with her Indian Western attire. She is a simple, shy, woman who loves to show off her work by the modo “speak less, work more.”

She became involved with Runway Dallas® after finding it through social media. She has been involved with every season except the 2nd. Divya considers Marcella Jones (fashion designer and founder of RWD) a part of her family, as they are very close.

In five years from now, Divya see’s herself as an International Designer. She hopes to keep pursuing her passion and dreams as a Fashion Designer.

Follow Divya on social media to learn more about here and see her collection:

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Sheridan Smith


April 29, 2020

Tamara Spivey-Lane

*Short story of Tamara Spivey-Lane, find out more about the creative and inspiring hair stylist*

Tamara Spivey-Lane was born in Oklahoma. She was raised in South Texas. She has her own salon named Spivey-Lane Salon in Keller, TX. She is an owner, hair stylist, and educator of her salon. She provides services for hair color, styling, and haircuts. Another popular service for her salon is styling for weddings/special occasions. There her team will do professional and personalized options for hair and makeup. 

Tamara is a two-time Ogle School graduate specializing in Cosmetology. She specializes in extensions and color. She is a Wella Master Color Expert. She has won an immense amount of awards over the years such as Wella-Hair Dressers at Heart Master Color Expert Scholarship Recipient-2017, Best of Thumbtack 2015 Hair and Makeup Fort Worth, Best of the Best Salon in Keller 2014, 2016 2014, WELLA North American Trendvision Color Semi-Finalist 2013, WELLA North American Trendvision Student Semi-Finalist, and Ogle School Face-Off 2nd Place fusion. Many people would say that Tamara is dependable and a good friend. She is extremely passionate about hair and makeup and continues to educate those around her. 

Tamara got involved with Runway Dallas® by meeting Marcella Jones (the founder of RWD/designer) at a Charity event called Kid Kids in 2016. It was at the House of Blues where she was doing hair and makeup with her team. From there, Tamara did the hair and makeup for Season 2 models and has continued to work as the Runway Dallas® MUAH Style Coordinator.

In five years from now Tamara wants to be working with professionals as her clients and be a stage artist. She would also love being a traveling hair stylist over seas. Tamara states, “Though I love standing behind the chair and being creative, I am a teacher at heart.” She loves both sides to being a part of the cosmetology industry. 

To find learn more about the talented Tamara Spivey-Lane, book an appointment at her salon, or follow her inspiring story, check out her website:

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Sheridan Smith


February 17, 2020

RWD Photo Shoot...Random

Runway Dallas® is on a mission to share spectacular events and insight as we lead up to our highly aspired Runway Dallas® Fashion Week… The excitement and anticipation is mounting! Check out what’s happened…


Within the first week of February of 2020, we had a mini shoot with some of our models to promote our designers and get a feel for what is to come.


Throughout the event, I spoke to many individuals involved with Runway Dallas®.


I first talked to Sed Beezy- Hairstylist for the event.


“How did you feel working with the models?”


Sed stated, “that all the models came prepared, which laid a great foundation to work with. Everyone showed a great customer service atmosphere and the hospitality shown in Walt’s home was amazing.”


Sed Beezy is an Entrepreneur, Hair Stylist at Seductive Beauty, and travels across the United States to do hair. To book an appointment or follow: Instagram sedbhair

Twitter: Seductive Beauty @MRSEDB 


The next person I spoke with is Nick Weaver-Photographer for event


Nick is a Photographer that shot some of our models. He primarily shoots sports and fashion events in the Dallas, TX area.


“How do you feel about the location of the event?”


Nick stated, “He felt that the location was great but challenging. The outdoor location really made him delve into his creativity,  push him out of his comfort zone, and think of poses on the fly.” The models were easy to work with and in good spirits.


Overall, he felt the shoot went very well and he’s excited to print the photos. To keep up with Nick or book photo shoots, add him on Instagram: cameraman_stan


I spoke with model Tara Davis about the event.


“Did you feel you connected with some of the models? Did you get any of their contact information to stay in touch?”


She stated, “All the models have a group chat on Facebook that they keep in contact with each other. Today's shoot was fun, I got to hang from a tree, which was different. She had a good conversation with another model Dana.


Tara is a new model at GladModelAgency. To keep up with her follow her on Instagram @imtaradavis or @tarajoydavis


I spoke with designer Heather Marie who has her own line of unique hats.

She is flourishing as a designer and was invited to NY Fashion Week.  Many of the models used her hats as an accessory during the shoot.


“How did your brand get started?”


She states, “She had been praying that she needed a sign from God to show her that being a fashion designer could be her career.”  A man showed her a hat from one of her churches that sparked an idea. From there she has designed three lines: Eclectic, Rock star, and Classic. All 3 have very different looks.



To learn more about Heather Marie Designs Follow her on Instagram: @heather.marie.designs or her website



Lastly I spoke with Audrie Austin who is a fashion designer. Her eclectic clothing line Audrie Austin was worn for this event.


 “Did you accomplish the look you were going for today?” " Did you like the way the clothes were represented by the models?"


She states, “Yes of course. I used the items I brought and made my ideas come to life with the models. I use models of all sizes and clothing of all sizes as well. Primarily my models can wear sizes 12-18.”


To find out more about Audrie Austin and her fashion line you can email her at or go to


Overall, the event was a success and a baby step toward Runway Dallas® Fashion Week itself. We are excited to show you more!


For more question you can contact me using the link below.

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Sheridan Smith


April 5, 2020

Tayyab Bombal

Tayyab Bombal was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. His first time traveling to the United States was in 2014. This was where he presented his collection at the Atlanta International Fashion Week. Tayyab is a Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Fashion teacher, free-lancer, market consultant, and movie stylist.


Being extremely passionate about his work, he had two shows in Oct. 2015 in South East Asia and then his third show was in April 2016 that featured strictly women’s wear. His last show was in Pakistan in 2018.


The designs for his collections typically take a long time because he is extremely meticulous. Tayyab spends a great deal of attention in creating his clothing line, including choosing the accessories. While making the clothes he uses intricate details for tailoring, studies the body type, and adjusts accordingly. He also loves mixtures of solid colors for his collections. He is thinking that an upcoming collection will be an all black fusion (Eastern & Western clothing).


Tayyab got involved with Runway Dallas by social media. He reached out to Marcella Jones (founder of RWD & Designer). He was one of the first Designers to ask if he could get involved with the show. Tayyab really enjoys Dallas and says that everyone makes him feel at home.


He shared that there are very distinct differences in Pakistan and America. For example, in the U.S there are many races, but it is uncommon for Pakistan to have more than a couple different races. The nation is 95% Muslims. Pakistan is a little behind in fashion in comparison to America; but Americans use many of the products from Pakistan to integrate into fashion designs such as leather and denim.


In five years from now Tayyab states that he “aims to open a fashion house in Dallas where only members shop there. He eventually wants to move around the world and open more stores.” He does not want to stay in one country, but wants to travel to other countries. He intertwines fashion and travel as more of a lifestyle to him. He also wants to create an exclusive clothing line with the inspiration being “what’s in or what’s out" of fashion.

To track Tayyab Bombal’s journey and clothing line on social media follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked in: tayyabbombal

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Sheridan Smith


January 30, 2020

Wm Michael Reid

*Short story of Wm Michael Reid, find out about how this great individual has worked with Runway Dallas since the very beginning! *

Michael was born in Harlem, New York. He currently resides in New York, New York. His first job was at Macy’s at 17 years old. He soon fell in love with retail and fashion.

Michael is known for his humble beginnings and character. Many find him interesting because he is a professional and engaging spokesperson, but also; down to earth, out-going, and personable.

Michael is a Publicist for Xpozure Media involved in Talent Management, Xpozure Modeling and produces Fashion Showcases.


This weekend he will be at a Fashion
Showcase in Miami, FL called Super Bowl LIV weekend. He has already had previous Super Bowl showcases in San Francisco, Houston, and Atlanta. He has produced many other showcases such as NYC live for fall/winter for New York Fashion Week.
In addition, he is an Ambassador for the Olympics and plans to attend the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Michael shares that he “longs to leave a legacy to the ones closest to him but also to impact others.” Five years from now, he wants to be able to say that he accomplished 20 seasons in an industry that he loves.

In the process of setting his sights on Runway Dallas, Wm Michael met Marcella Jones (the founder of Runway Dallas and Fashion Designer) at a Brooklyn Fashion show in New York. He loved her collection and gave her his business card. Shortly after, Marcella called to share a great idea that had been on her heart. In 2014 it began and on October 24, 2015, was when Runway Dallas had begun to transpire.

Wm Michael continues to collaborate with RWD and has been a reliable resource and help to launch new fashion brands.

To learn more about the amazing and talented Wm Michael Reid and his upcoming events, follow him on Instagram, Linked IN, Facebook, and Twitter at: wmmichaelreid

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Sheridan Smith