What About Runway Dallas?!

Runway Dallas Fashion Events are held semi-annually to display and promote the brands and collections of fashion designers from all over the world and showcased before and audience of fashion industry influencers, fashion buyers and more...


Runway Dallas® was established with a heart and vision to help develop, cultivate and grow area creative talent and brands. We offer a learning platform and partner with fashion industry professionals and experts to help our participants thrive in areas such as Fashion Design, Modeling, Fashion Styling, Hair & Make-up Artistry, Production, Journalism and so much more. RWD's aim is to develop leaders in our communities and help brands and upcoming businesses launch into, not only the fashion industry, but any industry with a foundation of excellence and preparedness.

We utilize our resources to help do this as the fashion industry is one that attracts the attention of people from all industries, cultures and backgrounds. By using our talents, the tools that we have available to us, it allows us to be of service and an avenue and asset to help others to build and grow. And in doing this not only do the individuals benefit, but so does our communities, families and area businesses.

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