Designers from all over the world, emerging or seasoned professionals are invited to participate in Runway Dallas Fashion events. Runway Dallas is ready to bring you an event of FASHION, STYLE AND BUSINESS. This event is expected to be a grand High-End Fashion event that will set the bar for many more to come. Join us and be a part of the event that we've all been waiting for. Sponsors are invited and welcomed to participate in this event to promote your company and extend your reach of influence.



Over the past years companies, corporations and corporate brands, like yourself, have realized the benefits of participating and sponsoring fashion brand such as ours. Aside from the obvious benefits such as marketing your company via logos, products and/or promotional items such as brochures and pamphlets, etc.; promoting your brand via our company national and international marketing campaigns, banners, programs for the event, company website, all social media, direct mail outs and more- all promotion to be provided for months leading up to the event and continuing after the event on marketing literature and websites leading up to the next annual event. Also sponsors are afforded VIP status at the Runway Dallas fashion events; sponsorship mentioned during the event and displayed throughout; and promoting your company before the hundreds of guests such as; Media Press, News Media, Celebrity Guests, Magazine Editors, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Professional, Retail Buyers, Store Owners and the various consumer guests attending the event.  All this while also keeping in mind the countless others your brand can reach from the influence of their attendance.